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It is easy for residents to go to clubs and other entertainment spots because they are all within walking distance.

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Whether you are looking to purchase or lease, contact David Christopher & Associates to answer any of your Uptown Dallas real estate questions about Dallas' vibrant urban area north of downtown Dallas. Uptown is a hub for those seeking a truly urban lifestyle with access to many shops, restaurants, and nightlife establishments that are within walking distance. Uptown features many new apartment, high-rise residences and condominium developments as well as single family homes with rooftop views of the Dallas Skyline.

Residents who desire a change in transportation can ride on the McKinney Trolley for a nostalgic tour of the Uptown neighborhood. Other traditional public transportation is available as well, such as: DART Cityplace/Uptown Station, and Taxi Services. Popular destinations in the Uptown area include West Village, McKinney Avenue, State-Thomas, and the Katy Trail.

After just 10 years of brisk urban development, Uptown Dallas is now one of the most sought after locations to live and work in. It is preferred because it has modern, luxury residences as well as great shopping and entertainment venues. The neighborhood now has many luxury condos and apartments which makes for a very trendy community. They come in all styles so you can be sure that you will find something that you like. Despite the sharp spike in population, the condos and apartments are designed to offer maximum security. One thing that makes it unique is that it is designed in such a way that residents can walk to many of the locations that they need on a daily basis. In fact, there is Katy Trail, a 3.5 mile long trail that runs through the middle of the neighborhood and enables pedestrians to get to local businesses on foot, on bicycles and on skates. The trail is one of the best green spaces in the country. 

You can choose to buy your luxury home in State Thomas or West Village, just one of the several neighborhoods that have top of the range real estate such as high-rise towers, condos, city town houses and more. All the developments are new so there will be no need for renovations and makeovers.

Uptown Dallas is home to a mix of people. Because it has a very active lifestyle you will find lots of young business people and young families. There is a sense of community around the neighborhood because of the common amenities. Everything that you need is close by and you meet your neighbors when you go to the gym, the store, the dry cleaners and more. Most shopping boutiques are located in West Village and you can find high end clothing and jewelry there.

The nightlife is quite lively; in fact, people travel all over Dallas to party in Uptown Dallas. It is easy for residents to go to clubs and other entertainment spots because they are all within walking distance.
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